How many passports do you have?

  • I may as well be the only active forum member with two passports on this forum.

    However, it is not uncommon to have two in Argentina.

    I confess I got my Argentinian passport mostly because for sentimental reasons than for the actual need to have it (in fact, I have never had the need to). I just wanted to be able to vote where I live. :walessmiley:

    Other marginal reasons were to have the same rights as my husband in case of war or divorce with kids. So far, no war, no divorce and no kids. :saint:

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    Changed the title of the thread from “How many passport do you have?” to “How many passports do you have?”.
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  • I have had several American clients who wanted to get their Italian citizenship before Brexit. They have until Dec 31, 2020 to move to the UK as European citizens. Of course, they didn't take into account that getting Italian citizenship by descend can take up to two years, not to mention that it is really hard to book an appointment with Italian consulates in the first place.

  • I haven't been deep enough long enough to reply accurately. Pre-brexit, American clients wanted a European passport to be able to study in the UK paying tuition rates for European students, which is half than International students. Still, while International students rates in the are probably cheaper than at US universities anyway, there were relocation costs to consider.

    Most people of my clients are parents or grandparents seeking this opportunity for their children and grandchildren to live/study in Europe. As for themselves, it is most the fantasy of retiring in Italy one day or the freedom to travel in Europe without having to worry of the 90 day tourist visa limit.

    The consulate of Italy in London became swamped since Brexit because there are many UK citizens who want to be able to move to Spain or Portugal for retirement, or to simply move/study/live in Europe.

    Other popular citizenships to get are Irish and Polish.

  • Many people in the United States have Irish or Polish heritage, and they simply have to collect the required vital records. These countries process citizenship a lot more quickly than Italy. However, Italy let you go back to more generations than other countries. I don't know the specific of the Polish and Irish application process, it is just mentioned from time to time whenever someone complains "it is too difficult" to collect records for Italian citizenship.

  • I was expecting that reprimand from the time I hit “reply.” Mea Culpa.

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