Have you ever joined a march in Argentina?

  • I am not a big fan of marches, and I think I only did a couple during high school just to having a moral excuse to avoid attending classes.

    My husband really wants to go to one, and while the kind marches he'd like to attend seems very safe (these would be the last 'Sunday' marches we have seen during the pandemics from the middle class), health-wise they don't seem a wise choice.

    However, I have to say that while the Government has always criticized and called selfish those who attended Sunday marches during the pandemics, no proven relations with an increase of contagions was ever observed.

    I only read la Nación and there are some minor marches that basically go unreported. On Wednesday, I went to an office near the Obelisk and there was a Bolivian March from the Obelisk to the Embassy of Bolivia on Corrientes 500.

    Quote from myself

    In Argentina there are two types of marches: those that happens on workdays, and those that happens on Sundays. And that's all you need to know for whom the participants vote.

    Fight the milanesa:!:

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  • I went on a couple of marches outside the Quinta in Olivos during Cristina's time and I actually banged pots and pans together, for whatever good it did at the time. I also went on a couple of biker protests around 9 de Julio and those did produce some limited results.

    The big daddy of them all were the protests in 2001 which did end the government of De la Rua, so successive administrations are very wary of huge marches and rightly so.

    Talking of protest marches, this was in 1945 which gives you an idea of the significance of this culture in Argentina.


  • There are marches in Italy, but not as many as here, and not as loud and affecting traffic. The participation is usually limited to those having a specific interest, so they aren't as big as here - for example: teachers in public schools, workers of the mechanical industry, etc. There aren't marches against this or that political party and very rarely against the government.

    Here you can simply look for the march of the day and join one!

  • This morning I'm delivering a PC to a customer who lives about ten blocks from 9 de Julio and of course, it's Day of Loyalty so the area is going to be packed with Peronists marching around.

    I also wanted to get some good film of the obelisk, so I'll have to chance it and if I can't get past, I'll have to skirt around. Either way, it should make for some interesting filming on the GoPro.

  • serafina , does he want to join a march because he passionately agrees with a specific protest, or just because he wants to experience being part of a protest?

    Regarding the thought that there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between masses of maskless people shouting/spreading droplets and an increase in the number of new cases of covid, do you have confidence in the accuracy of those numbers?

  • I have , back in the days when the pressure was on to remove the junta from power, who knew the military junta was gonna be child's play in comparison with today's level of corruption