The Best Live Animal Feeds From Around the World

  • Research shows that watching footage of them can make you happier, so here’s a list of round-the-clock camera footage that will bring koalas, penguins and puppies straight to your screen.

    It's cutie patootie time! Choose your medicine for your mental health:

  • What a nice health break, serafina . Thanks! The Alaskan grizzlies salmon fishing in that brisk stream made me wish I were watching on a life-sized screen.

    Who doesn’t love Pandas on a swing? But I’m always a sucker for cats playing on an empty box.

  • We were in the mostly-deserted Denali National Park in early September one year, and stopped to photograph a grizzly fishing in a stream, just like those in the live cam video. A park ranger flew up in his Jeep, asking if we were crazy. Apparently they are really fast, for such enormous creatures.

  • Lost the whole #%{€! camera before the trip was over. As I recall, The gray sky, dark water and brown grizzly made for a low-contrast photo that didn’t merit risking either our necks or the opprobrium of the ranger.

    Oh wait - it looked pretty much like this!

    Terrifyingly real.