Business etiquette in Argentina

  • I am looking for a custom made stamp. On a local FB page with recommendation on services, I found a place in Flores. I sent a whatsapp and they replied in less than 2 hours. It was all easy and smooth. They sent me a sketch of the seal, we agreed on some adjustments. He sent a screenshot of the adjusted layout. I asked about the cost to have it delivered. He told me yesterday at 3 PM 'let me check how much he charges'. I guess he is the motocourier they usually use, which is fine because I don't even have their exact address to ask for a quote elsewhere.

    They stopped replying. Today after lunch I sent a another whatsapp to know if there was any news on the delivery. Zero reply.

    I want to contact a different place tomorrow... or is it too soon?

    Their seal charge is so minimal (290 ARS) that I don't mind paying for the drawing and look elsewhere. I can't understand why they stopped replying. ?(

  • I wonder if the higher ranks realize the impact of their economic policy (or lack thereof) on the country. It is not just the digits of the blue rate going up, but the whole country coming to a standstill, businesses that stop working etc.

    Given the low margins that even small businesses have here, even something cheap like my stamp or your computer comes to a halt. I don't know who in their sane state of mind would engage in a month-long enterprise like construction.

    My SIL was recently quoted in USD for some reno works in her apartment (now vacant). She is now asking for an assessment to sell her apartment, instead.

    The dollarization is already here, the people are dollarizing, since the government won't!

  • My sister in law is an architect and she can't finish building projects because suppliers won't give her prices and a casual acquaintance who repairs car bodywork can't finish cars for the same reason.

    Speaking of your SIL...

    Construcción: suspenden la entrega de algunos materiales ante la falta de precio

    Pocos días después de que el presidente Alberto Fernández anunciara medidas para "convertir a la construcción de viviendas en una gran oportunidad de inversión", la Cámara de la Construcción (Camarco) advierte que hay problemas de abastecimiento en los materiales, sobre todo para cubrir la demanda minorista.

    Las razones son varias: aumentó la demanda, ya que estos bienes, medidos en dólares, están en valores históricamente bajos; hay faltantes por las limitaciones a la producción que impone la pandemia, y hay mucha incertidumbre entre los distribuidores sobre el costo de reposición, por la especulación que genera la expectativa de una posible devaluación.