Samsung Galaxy S8 with case


    I'm selling my Galaxy Note 8 because I'm taking advantage of Samsung's 18 month interest free payment offer on a Note 20 Ultra, as well as exchanging an S9 that belongs to someone else in the family.

    The Note 8 is an excellent phone with 64GB storage, 6GB memory, SD card slot for extra storage, twin rear cameras and of course the S Pen which is great for taking notes on the phone.

    It's in immaculate condition, without a scratch, never dropped and comes with a Spigen Tough Armor protective case which has a pop-out stand for watching videos etc.

    Offers around AR$55,000.

    For further specs on the phone:

  • Seems like a well cared for phone and a really good price. Mercado Libre?

    Too bad you’re not in Washington DC: last night my sister spilled a cup of tea on her phone and tv remote. Kaput.

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