Why is Steam censoring Steam profile names?

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    Is it because they are woke-infected and feel they have to tow the PC line? Whatever their reasons, I find it bizarre that my Steam profile has been censored with those beloved little love hearts.

    A few years ago I set my profile name as The Crazy Gringo, for no particular reason and the other day I discovered that the name cannot now be displayed.

    I couldn't really give a monkey's what my Steam profile name is, to be honest, but I'm not comfortable with censorship in any form, especially with zero explanation - I submitted a Steam ticket which probably ended up in the ticket black hole.

    How can the word Gringo possibly be offensive? Except of course to Gringos, But then, south of the border, I am a Gringo, so the laugh's on them because I am now like Prince - The Player Formerly Known As The Crazy Gringo - TPFKACG for short.

    Do any Americans on this forum take offence at the word, Gringo?

    Serious question.