Are you eating out yet?

  • Last weekend it was the first one where restaurants could actually be open to the public with outdoor seating.

    The police shut down 12 places for not complying with social distancing. Of course, people where sat at ordinary tables where you don't seet 6 ft. from the other guests, and you have to take off your mask to eat/drink.

    Some of my friends in Buenos Aires have started posting pictures of their outing. I am sure that as the weather gets warmer, I'll see more of that. For now, I am not feeling the urge, despite La Nación classifying eating out (otdoor) as mid-low risk.

    In Italy, millionaire Flavio Briatore was authorized to open the most famous disco of Italy, with limited access, and he caught himself the virus while there. He was hospitalized and discharged after a few days. He said that people go to the disco to stay together, and even if you give access to 3,000 instead of 10,000, those 3,000 will want to gather and not stay far away one from each other. Dancing is called a social activity for a reason!

    He makes a fair point.


  • I’m surprised at some of the classifications. Like you, though, we aren’t yet feeling an irresistible urge to eat at an outdoor restaurant, especially after reading the account of the Los Angeles sports writer who was extremely careful until he threw caution to the wind and met two friends to dine outdoors at a restaurant. Then caught the virus.

    I’m personally disappointed that getting a haircut is classified as moderately high risk, as I’m starting to resemble Einstein, not in brilliance but in wild, unruly hair.

  • I badly need a haircut, which I get less than twice per year and was due in February. I was too busy to go then, so I left it for after our vacation. Then the first cases were reported and decided it was not worth the risk. Six months later, and I have very long hair and still doesn't feel safe to go to the hair salon.

    They aren't packed as many are throwing 15-20% deals.

    A new barbershop around the corner was offering a can of Coke with a haircut and 50% on the next haircut. That's pretty aggressive for Argentina!