Now they are going after books!

  • That wannabe thug Guillermo Moreno came out with a book import restriction in 2010 because of 'too much lead in the ink' and now this regime has just reintroduced it.

    We laughed at it then, but I'm not laughing now.

    How to isolate a country and how to kill the patient just as they entered the emergency room?

    I have no more words for this kind of shit.…-la-importacion-de-libros

  • Attacks against freedom of press/speech

    Attacks against institutions

    Strict governance of the freedom of movement

    Strict governance of the freedom to socialize

    A full frontal war against the middle class brewing

    Apparently now stoping the import of books

    Increasingly isolating from the local international region

    Economy in the toilet

    Corruption abounds through government and seems to be worsening and going unchecked

    Allowing crime to become a major concern

    Blaming citizens for the problems in the country

    Trying to play economic tricks like buying out struggling companies

    Trying to change laws to favor their own gain

    Trying to install judges who perform political and legal favors

    Stupid shit like letting prisoners out of prison with not accountability

    Playing tricks to silence political opponents

    I mean, the list could go on and on as that's just from the top of my head.

    Alberto has been in power 9 months. 9 months. Sure, Venezuela cannot happen in Argentina.

  • I was mistakenly hoping for a moderate style of Peronsim. How wrong I was.

    The model they are presenting has now become sinister in the extreme and if I could draw a simile to a patient going into accident and emergency - the same patient, time after time - the doctor decides it might be best to break the patient's legs first and on subsequent visits, break their arms, remove their tongue and later on their cognitive functions.

    The patient is simply not permitted to live within the given norms.