How often do you use the search function?

  • What do you think of the forum search funtion? 4

    1. I never use search (0) 0%
    2. I use it frequently (2) 50%
    3. I would like it to be improved so that it's more specific (1) 25%
    4. I really don't care either way (1) 25%

    The search function is a very useful tool if you can't find a particular post that you're interested in. But it is limited and could be improved.

  • I have terrible luck with the search function. Even when I type in the exact words, e.g. Coronavirus Around The World, I almost always come up empty.

    So I don’t use it often. But would do so, to avoid starting a near-duplicate thread, if it were more reliable.

  • I only use it to find a certain thread I know exists. Thankfully I know which main word/s to use as it's not very good. Having said that most of the search functions on other forums are bloody awful too.