"Argentina is better off with the coronavirus than with Macri", President Fernandez said

  • My knowledge of Argentinian politics is close to zero, and I wasn't impressed by Fernandez when he decided to change radically is mind and decided to ally with Cristina for the 2020 Election. However, since he is a university professor, I thought he had a little more in him than Macri or Cristina, and I was quite in agreement with him when he announced the quarantine in March.

    That said, lately he's been revealing his true self both with his actions and with his word. He is now not any better than Cristina to my eyes.

    Disrespectful, inappropriate and completely shameful.

    Alberto Fernández: "A la Argentina le fue mejor con el coronavirus que con el gobierno de Macri"

    Alberto Fernández:

    El presidente Alberto Fernández criticó con dureza a la coalición opositora Juntos por el Cambio y advirtió: "A la Argentina le fue mejor con el coronavirus que con el Gobierno de Macri".

  • Like you, serafina , I had guardedly hoped for better than this. Does anyone know what he taught at University? I think we can eliminate both Logic and Medicine.

    Nothing less than Criminal Law, specifically: Teoría General del Delito y Sistema de la Pena.

    He has been teaching at the UBA since 1985, which as about as long as I have been alive.

  • This makes me sick. But I have only to look much closer to home, to see similar if not worse offenses.

    Criminal Law? It looks as if he is very well versed in his subject.

  • For me, he crossed a line with this one. And I made sure to read the verbatim because I didn't want to believe it.

    It's gross and sick what he said. Unfortunately, his electorate will never know what he said because the kind of news they read, won't cover it.