My first anti Government protest!!

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    My husband wanted to go to the Obelisk and I forbade him. He spent the afternoon looking at the march on TV, yelling like it was a football match and saying "This at least gives me a glimpse of hope for this country".

    I think he is delusional.

  • You know that the new justice reforms are all part of the deal that Queen Bitch made with Albert don't you?

    Farcical innit?

    The protests are probably a waste of time, but the cause is certainly not.

    Must admit as a foreigner I felt a bit awkward being there, which probably showed at the get together at the starting point. I no longer come out with diplomatic replies when questioned about life here.

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    Here's an open letter from Dr Mario Caponnetto to the cabinet chief, Santiago Cafiero in reference to the latter's apology to the medics for not having been able to prevent the protests of yesterday.