The man in the hut opposite our house

  • I've referred to this anomaly numerous times and it's still puzzling me why a group of neighbours would pay an obese moron thousands of pesos a month to sleep in a wooden hut on the corner of where they live and expect nothing in return.

    I've rebuked him for using a whistle whilst directing traffic (people like him are obsessed with traffic), lighting BBQs on the side of the road, wobbling thunderously down the street in nothing but Jamaica style boxer shorts (tent size xxxxl) and the inability to utter two syllables without breaking the sound barrier.

    Last night at about 1130 pm, as I was closing my eyes to sleep, I could hear a TV outside and also kids chattering. It went on and on, so I leapt out of bed indignantly, dragged on my jeans and strolled over to the hut which is no more than 15 metres away from our front door.

    "What's the matter?" said fat man.

    "*&^%%$£&%$£-"... said I and then peeked through the scratched Plexiglas, makeshift window of the hovel only to spot a ten year old boy watching a TV and reclining on a a mattress that clearly had been dumped and found somewhere else.

    "So you live here now, I suppose?" I asked, forcefully and not without a little jaw clenching.

    "My wife is drunk and has disappeared..."

    ... and so it went on.

    "I couldn't leave him in the house by himself..." etc etc.

    Next week I'm planning on putting this sign outside out house.

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  • Strange he there only at night? I wouldn't like him so close to my house even if he was normal.

    Think I'd be having a meeting with the neighbours as they're the ones to blame.

  • In Argentina, you can't touch these people. Which is why Argentina bugs me so much nowadays. It's the most uneducated, low skilled, rebellious people dictating how this country is run.

    In my view, they are an issue and the government is unable or unwilling to sort it. If anything, they are actively fueling their raw feelings and pushing them into ignorance and poverty even more with policies masked as 'welfare'.

    Recently, the police intervened in Recoleta because there were 12-15 people hanging out of a brewery on their own. The place was open for delivery, only, so the owners couldn't be fined. There were no tables outside nor anything that could suggest that guests were being invited to gather. The police fined the bystanders for not respecting social rules. I wonder if they have been doing the same in the villas in the past months. I already know the answer...

    They don't want to lock the villas, where the most cases are, so they lock the whole country, instead and try to bribe villeros to isolate in government-paid hotels in an attempt to contain the virus.

    Also: speed tickets and speed cameras are along the avenues leading to the more affluent places in the City and in Zona Norte... is it casual?

    So, this double standard is really bugging me off because this is simply a country fostering certain behaviors and situations, which are 180 degree opposite from my life and belief. This is no place for me and I can go on here only because I self-isolate and try to live in the 'expat bubble'.

  • And on top of his being there, observing everyone’s comings and goings (potentially in a position to report to burglars? Police?), then to be asked to pay him. And to face possible retaliation if you don’t.

  • Many are their own worst enemies as Serafina has hinted at.

    I still cannot fathom why any sane person would pay an obese ignoramus to sleep in a wooden hut literally outside their house.

    And yes, he's around night and day and it is very creepy indeed. I may well report this to the local authority and see what, if anything, happens.

    What's the purpose on him being there?

    In Bearsden our residents association meetings were spent mostly talking about the weather and the length of the grass in the open spaces. ^^

  • What's the purpose on him being there?


    I think I already wrote about it last year. The street where my husband grew up in San Fernando had one of those 'vigilantes'. The man simply brought a shack and a chair and demanded people to pay him. In exchange, he'd keep an eye on the street. A few years later, he sued the street residents for paying him in black and not paying his contributions to ANSES. He wanted to retire or simply got fed up with sitting in the shack and someone made him aware about this 'trick' to keep getting money for doing nothing, just in the comfort of his home.

    Anybody who had their name on a utility bill of the 2 streets he 'kept an eye on' received a summons. My sister in law received one in the mail (for some odd reason they were able to track her in Capital) and had to pay a lawyer to sort herself out. The family house was sold in 1998 and apparently the man made his appearance later than that date.

    This, of course, just proves that leeches can thrive in the Argentinian society and legal system. It seems devised for the very purpose of letting them get away with any sort of shit...

  • Finally some common sense has prevailed!

    The neighbours have agreed that paying a lazy fat man to sleep in a hut all night doesn't make a lot of sense, so it's being torn down and a new 1m x1m pill box style guard-style edifice is going to be built next week.

    If he doesn't like it, he can bugger off (which is what I'm hoping) and they can hire someone else.

    No room for beds in this one.