The effects of lockdown in Buenos Aires

  • The Corona virus thread has become very spread out and general, so what effects, negative or positive are you seeing or experiencing in BA?

    Whilst I haven't really had any problems riding around, taking a walk near the river is like living under a police curfew. In the last three months we've been out for a river walk precisely three times, even though we're not allowed to yet. Yes, that's right, that restriction in the province still hasn't been lifted, although many people are going for walks.

    Yet I can go to a crowded supermarket where the risks are much higher than a walk in the fresh air. Today I stopped by the river to take some pictures and within five minutes two motorcycle cops arrived out of nowhere and told me that I couldn't be there, bearing in mind that I was the only person by the river, with maybe two or three other people wandering around over a hundred meters away.

    I told them that I felt it was now ridiculous after three months and various other reasons why we should be allowed to take fresh air after so long etc etc. So I said fine, I'll move along in a minute, to which I was told that if I didn't move along I would need to accompany them to the police station. They were quite emphatic, very firm and insisted that I no longer remain.

    Try as I might I couldn't reason with them, so I head back towards my bike a few yards away, only to find that one of them was following me, so I stopped and asked him why he was following me. He said that he wouldn't leave the area until I had left. In fact, once on the bike, they both followed me to make sure I would dash back to the river's edge.

    I was pretty fucking annoyed, to tell the truth. I also didn't fancy wasting another three or four hours answering a charge at their police station, but the logic of all this now escapes me.

    You can walk down the road (there are too many people to arrest all at once) but you can't stand by the river, because police cars, police tape and bikes are blocking your way.

    Figure that one out.

  • So, you had a taste of it too. Looks to me that police have been given orders.

    Heard a rumor there was military on some streets over the weekend but have been unable to find anything about it online.

    Troubling times ahead. Considering you are out and about Splinter, keep your head low.

  • I have a delivery job this afternoon which means I'll be going down Libertador into CABA, so let's see how much stricter the police controls are. I'll report back with my findings, but if you don't hear from me, send out a recce party.

    There's something creepy about having so many security services, who are armed to the teeth, checking ordinary people's credentials.

  • By no extend of the imagination believe you can actually reason with any of them, if they come and tell you to move, you move now. Unless you are prepared to go all the way, which in my case, i really don't have the years to spare.

  • @Mckenna where u live?

    U r in BA or province?

    I don't know why, but I really don't have a fear for the police or military here......I find them very submissive.

    Of course u could have a few bad ones n between, but in general I think they are ok.

    I never had a really issue with any of them here during my 10 years here.

    And like I said earlier, here in Tigre it's loaded with both police, COT, prefectura and also quite often gendarmeria.

  • Gated communities are an enormous PIA, with the guards demanding ID’s, even when they clearly remember you. I always wonder why they don’t just call the house to ask the owner if they should let you in?

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