Post your quarantine videos and photos here please

  • You’re really making progress on the house. Good video resolution and audio quality. For me, the most interesting parts were your monologues from your desk, as they give insight into the confinement of the quarantine.

    And I now want to know more about the warring neighbors!

  • Thanks to both of you for your comments!

    Hut man has been a thorn in my side for some time, as you know. On the other hand, I'm not completely heartless and when the chain came of his extremely noisy and broken bike last week, he actually rang the doorbell asking for help. So I got my tools out and helped him fix it, not for the first time either. That's probably the only area in which I'd capitulate. He really is a total waste of time and money since he's asleep most of the time.

    Anyway, he clung on till Thursday at 2330 (half an hour before curfew) and then, as he was hauling his fat ass away on his bike he told Adri that all we needed to was call him if we needed assistance, like he's our guardian. Then he turned up on Friday and watched some TV in his hut until he realised that it wasn't such a good idea and buggered off.

    The neighbours' arguing is a weekly occurrence and has been for three or four years now and it's a teenage boy and his mother. She's the fair haired type who wears clothes that she thinks make her look younger, such as long black skirts with slits up the sides which make her look like a dominatrix. Her husband is an ex pro-footballer and strikes me as henpecked. More to follow.

    The video is all shot in 4K (3840 x 2160 for Diane) using my Galaxy Note 8 or GoPro Hero 5 Black since I have that resolution on both, so why not use it. Makes all the difference.

    When editing, I'm now trying to space out the monologues with other clips to make it more varied and interesting, so any suggestions would be welcome since I'm new to all this.

  • Well you're a damn sight better at it than I am...not so much the painting but definitely the presenting. The videos I've done were ruddy awful. Starting off with me looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car and when I did eventually open my mouth nothing but drivel came out. Strangely enough, once I got into my stride there was no stopping me. I just went on and on talking drivel, usually about cows and not pipe smoking which was what the video was supposed to be about!!

    Thanks for posting. Watched the first and half of the second so I shall go and finish it now. Love the cats. :thumbup:

  • Finished watching the seond one. Funnily enough our house at the back is a very similar colour to's a nice colour. Whoever fancied the battleship grey needs their backside kicked!! ^^

    I last did our house inside and out around ten years ago and it's badly needing done again. I did start a few months ago but only managed to finish the kitchen before the summer heat hit. Plus a leaking pipe inside the entrance hall wall left a disaster and the brickwork has taken months to dry out.

    I don't mind the painting however I'm not too keen on the peparation work. Doesn't help when the missus has junk everywhere that has to be shifted. :cursing:

  • I've finished the outside patio and terrace, except a small bit where I had to use cement on some rising damp, which I'll finish when the rain has gone. I also finished the front door and the outside/inside roof porch area which I washed down with a hose pipe and brooms. Just years of crap that had built up and now it looks freshly painted without actually using any paint.

  • I'm considering starting on the outside after doing our bedroom. That will take some time, which is a good thing, considering.

    Are you allowed to do the outside of the house?

    We wanted to paint the outside of our house in CABA and have been told that their is nothing doing until the cuarantena is lifted.

  • Yesterday I started my deliveries early, leaving the house at 0800 and by 0845 I needed to get an envelope from Villa Adelina to an address in Saavedra before 0915.

    On the face of it that's a simple 10km ride that would normally take around 15 minutes. However, with so many of the exits closed on General Paz, this turned into a bizarre zig-zag rally, a run-in with the police and illegal u-turns on numerous occasions. I finally arrived at my destination at 0945, only to discover that the 0915 delivery time wasn't all that important in the end.

    I really don't see the rationale in closing so many junctions on motorways, so after this excitement I hit the Grl Paz again to get to Lugano 30km away, otherwise it would have taken hours, but headed up to Belgrano right through the centre of town.

    This graphic illustrates my fun and games: