Alberto the 🤡 first accomplishments

  • I think this deserve a separate thread.....for sure a lot of great progressive and positive stuff to come......

    Let me start out:

    Went to coto today to do my groceries. ....checked out, handed over my COTO comunidad card....gave all the discounts as listed, on bill also, then handed over my Mercado Pago mastercard prepaid card, (I think u c where we are going).....which I loaded up with CASH's NOT a credit card.....paid the groceries.....then realized that all the discounts that you get with the COTO card is not offered if you pay with Mercado Pago prepaid mastercard!!!!!

    Anyway, I'm sure that this change in policies have nothing to do with the peronchos having a huge problem with A GREAT COMPANY, MERCADOLIBRE, MERCADO PAGO, that works like a dream compared to Argentinian standards!!!!!

    I have a feeling there is a lot more brain-dead shit coming like this!!!!!!

  • havent you followed their rant against ML last year? The peronchos hate it and their owner and try to obstruct anything they's a capitalistic company!!!! You can pay with card, but the coto discount get cancelled!!!! I used it for several years, never had an issue! The girl in charge told me the do not accept ML card combined with coto card.....!!!!

    Anyway I'm sure it's a pure coincidence, just like it's a coincidence that Evo arrived today!

    Wouldn't be surprised if they could manage to totally break it down!!!!

    Ps: when u go n test, make sure to look for offers with comunidad check.

  • how strange......she explicit told me it did not work with ML card anymore..... cancelled all and paid with another card......

    I will try other coto next coming days and c what happens......

    I was in coto in San Fernando, Uruguay 4681!

  • Splinter .....maybe they keep the discount in the coto located in Olivos, the one u went that at least 🤡 has his discounts as usual....

  • yep, and crazy in Argentina impossible!!!!

    I second u, think they made a mistake or told something wrong!!!

    But why on earth say something like that????

    Sorry Alberto, that I ranted to early.....I'm sure u will make my life BETTER and not worse...... hahaha

  • I've just got back from Coto and the community discount was applied to those products eligible and I paid with my MercadoPago card, together with the Coto card. I remembered to ask the girl if all methods of payment were acceptable for the 15%, which she confirmed.

    If I were you, I'd go back and argue the case.

    You can see on the receipt which products are eligible:

    Splinter, that's a neat receipt. My Coto doesn't provide such a detailed, clear and well reasoned list of items and discounts applied against each one.


  • I can't imagine that the discount policy would be different from one branch to another. That's just crazy.

    Exhibit A above. Exhibit B below.

    Splinter, that's a neat receipt. My Coto doesn't provide such a detiailed, clear and well reasoned list of items and discounts applied against each one.


    Exhibit B seems to prove that, even though “That’s just crazy,” Coto doesn’t follow the same procedures and policies in exactly the same way in all its stores.

  • .....and no increases in electricity and and and!

    I'm about to get a generator,will be needing it I guess....

    Last couple of years they have done huge improvements in the electrical system here by me in tigre......earlier, the main cables to feed each house very often got blown away and cut off during storm......some 6 months ago they put totally new posts on whole street to carry the cables......

    I get this type of work will be left out in the future......

  • Instead of acting like a fairy godmother he should be concentrating the mind on achieving a large drop in the inflation rate.

    It will come, don't worry......whether it's real or not, does not matter!!!!

  • newest accomplishment: to cancel the decreto which forbid to appoint family to higher ranking positions!!!!!

    Macri imposed the decreto!!!!!

    Here we go again!!!!