Anyone use IPTV?

  • Having cut the cord on cable recently, we're left with Amazon and Prime which are fine, but you can't get live TV or other world channels on them, so I started to look around.

    I'd better say here that I've just written a DCT article on this subject which is awaiting publication, so I won't cover everything here, in case I repeat myself.

    Anyway, IPTV is TV over Internet protocol - in other words, all TV channels nowadays broadcast over the net, so it's possible to watch those channels by using an app on your smart TV or other device, such as Android, Apple or PC.

    Our TV has an app called Smart IPTV which gives you a 7 day trial, you input a playlist URL or upload a .m3u playlist and then you can watch TV online from whichever IPTV service you subscribe to. Smart IPTV has a one-off fee of €5, after the 7 day trial is over, by the way.

    Now, this is a very grey area, legally speaking, so I'm NOT going to post links here for anything illegal. I did however try a 24 hour trial with one IPTV service yesterday and enjoyed hopping around about 80 UK TV channels in HD, which was great fun.

    Again, I'm not entirely sure about the legality of grey hat IPTV providers, so anyone following this may need to consider using a VPN.

    I'd also recommend anyone considering signing up to a service, not to go longer than 30 days, as many appear to vanish overnight, unless it's an established service and comes by recommendation.

  • I don't miss regular TV so I am no very well informed. My husband watches local soccer through websites and youtube channels. We have a laptop connected to the TV via a HDMI cable.

    In Italy, Sky offered to subscribe to your favorite team's matches, but here you have to buy a subscription to all teams, which he is not interested into.

    Currently it costs 510 pesos (link), which means over €100 per year. Thanks, but no thanks.

    I have never tried IPTV. Does it mean we can install an app on our AppleTV and avoid using the notebook? I should also tell my husband to try the YouTube app directly, though I never tried it with LiveStream.

    There is one website (not a stream on YouTube) that involves a lot of clicking, tit showing, etc. before the image shows the match.

  • First I've heard of IPTV so I'm not much use to you. I rarely watch TV and when I do it's BBC World or UK stuff I've downloaded off the net.

    My wife is the main user. She likes watching mostly stuff from the US plus the 98 year old blonde in Buenos Aires who chats to her dinner guests.

  • We've paid for a month's subscription ($14) to an IPTV service to watch the World Cup, now that we've cut the cable and I must say, the picture is excellent in full HD.

    I don't know how they do it, but we now have 12,000 channels available, including all UK live to air - BBC, ITV, C4, C5, Sky etc.

    Is it possible to name the IPTV service you use? A major one got shut down yesterday, so is the viability of this long term? Also, do you get Argentine channels amongst those 12,000 channels? I would love to cut my cable but my wife watchs Trece, Telefe etc.

  • Splinter , could you please look at your lineup to see if there are any channels that cover US college football?

    For example, ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS ?

    Semigoodlooking, do you know why the major IPTV service you referenced was shut down? Are they illegal?

    I'll check for you Rice

    The one I use is down for maintenance (their site) bu the service is still running.

    Semigoodlooking yes, XStream Codes were taken down.…by-xtream-codes-takedown/

    But this hasn't affected the service that I'm using for now, although their site maintenance message is a little worrying.

    Legality is a grey area, so I can't really say.

  • I don't think legality is a grey area where IPTV subscription services are concerned. IPTV itself is, of course, not illegal as even BBC iPlayer is an IPTV service, as are providers like Netflix and DirecTV. However, all providers offering monthly subscription IPTV services that offer a catch all selection of channels are illegal. Simply because there's no way these services can afford the rights for all the channels they show. The only grey area is whether the platforms themselves should be punished as they simply supply a framework for the content and don't source the content directly. What's not in doubt is that the content they are hosting is illegal, it's just the usual regulatory wrangling about whether the host should be punished (I personally think they should and authorities seemingly agree).

    Not that a I particulalry care. I am more concerned about whether they work and their long term viability than I am their legality. No prosecution falls on the downloader, so consumers are protected in that sense. However, authorities took down Xtreme Codes yesterday, a service with over 50 million subscribers. This shows regulators are going after these subscription services. Whether these providers can evade authorities or not (like TPB did) remains to be seen.

    Btw, none of this is saying don't sign up for them. I am intruiged by it but my wife would kill me if I cut the cable and a month later an IPTV service I am using got taken down.

  • Our IPTV service has now gone down or our sub ran out. Either way, their website is also down.

    However, I've tried TVPlayer with SetupVPN (you must choose a UK IP address on the VPN for this to work) and it's pretty good, so it's a good backup for the Rugby World Cup games.

    You have to sign in to both by the way.

    I've also found a few free IPTV M3U links which can be used on a smart TV or VLC on your PC, so if one system doesn't work I'm hoping to have a back up.

    I wouldn't want to get up at 0400 only to find that I can't watch the rugby.