Shipping to Argentina - any update?

  • I am teaching Italian to a family of 3 and we need to start the next level next month. We used a new book last year, when it was not yet available in Argentina (SBS is the importer/distributor in Argentina).

    This book costs €20 in Italy and a whopping $1700 in Argentina (currently about €36). SBS says they are out of stock and to inquire again in 15 days.

    The publisher told me they ship internationally and the price is a reasonable (€12), however I am dreading of AFIP nightmares. I know there is no import tax on books (thanks Macri!🐱), unless they are for resale.
    I wouldn’t obviously sell them for a profit, but I have three students and need three copies. They would be shipped by courier.

    Any recent shipping experience?

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  • I haven't but I was informed that unless you use one of the well known logistics companies you're still going to be waiting months. You have to use their more expensive express service which includes tracking and all the relevant info regarding what's in the package to get it through customs.

    I suspect it won't come cheap.

  • It sounds as if you can’t wait until our return, if you have to have them next month. If that changes, tell me and we’ll be happy to bring your 3 books, serafina .

    Thank you for your generous offer, Rice. Indeed, we are due to start classes in April so THEORETICALLY there is enough time to order them and have them shipped here.

    My husband says ‘why take the risk?’ but I really loathe photocopying books and having a color version of the book is much nicer and effective for the student, anyway.

    I think that book+shipping+custom is anyway cheaper than buying them in Argentina from SBS! My only concern if they will ever arrive and the custom is reasonable.

    Oh, certainty, I so miss you!

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  • After a friend reassured me she had received several parcels of books in the past, and given that international shipping cost just €2 more than shipping to the UK, I decided to take my chance and order directly from the publisher with delivery to Argentina.
    I ordered on Saturday, paid with wire transfer (Europe to Europe), and today my parcel left from Athens (where the publisher prints their books). UPS says it will be delivered by Monday EOB. Can you believe it? I can’t.

    We’ll see.

    I wanted to post this just for superstition. I confess that after spotting Tampax tampons I think we can change, indeed. (Little reference to @splinter’s book!)

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  • Yes. My package left Athens yesterday night, was in Munchen and then Cologne (DE) during the day, arrived in Newark (NJ) this morning and is now in Louisville, Kentucky.

    I'll never understand how logistics works!

  • Fun way of getting here. :D

    I imagine if UPS works anything like FEDEX they'll have hubs at certainairports dotted around the world and go via the quickest route to get to here. Keep us updated as to where it is, it'll be fun following its progress....especially the Argentina part of the journey.

  • Louisville is the big airport for UPS in the USA.

    I can still remember seeing the huge number of UPS liveried planes in the cargo area of the airport during my last visit to Kentucky

    There were at least 60 and that was a few years ago

  • My parcel, now named Dorothy, is not in Kansas anymore.
    Dorothy arrived in Miami and then boarded a plane with destination Ezeiza.

    The travel to the unknown realm has begun....

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  • Dorothy has been in Miami for two days, but is now showing up in São Paulo and due for delivery tomorrow by EOB. C’mon Dorothy!

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  • Dorothy was scanned at 5:17AM in Ezeiza.

    Now she faces the hardest - and probably longest - part of her journey!

    The UPS app doesn't show her 'on deliver' today, yet, though she is also stated as due today by EOB. I suppose she is being held in custom as we speak. I tossed in bed for two nights thinking about Dorothy. My husband vowed he won't take me to Ezeiza. Send prayers to Ezeiza.

    Rice, you are right. This is like following the moon landing. Let's hope there is no conspiracist claiming there was never a landing and that the landing / delivery was all staged.

    The parallel is uncanny. ;(

  • Update: UPS has updated the tracking showing that:

    1) Dorothy went from São Paulo to Chile (Dorothy has traveled South America more extensively than me)

    2) Dorothy entered 'Import scan' in Buenos Aires at 8:08.

    The line on her arrival to Buenos Aires today at 5:17 is gone. =O

    Conspiracists have a right to be.